Strip, Seal and Wax of VCT Floors

JF Services has an extensive process for the care of your VCT (Vinyl Composition Tile) Floors. VCT is common in schools, churches, hospitals, grocery stores and many commercial buildings requiring care and maintenance to ensure a long life and a clean high gloss floor.

JF Services VCT Floor technicians are taught the proper procedures in stripping, sealing and waxing of these floors as well as the continued maintenance to give them a lasting polish and shine.

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JF Services suggests depending on the traffic level of your VCT flooring that you strip, seal and wax your floors at least once a year (if not more) and follow it up with a maintenance schedule that is in line with your needs based on the traffic in your facility. Following is the process that we have perfected to bring that “new floor” quality back to your school, hospital, church or office building.

We begin by Stripping which is the removal of all protective coating, waxes, dirt and foreign materials on the tile which is done by applying High Performance Stripper. We allow the stripper to set for ten minutes of contact time to dissolve wax buildup, dirt and grime. Next we scrub all floors using automatic floor maintenance equipment designed for the removal of foreign material on vinyl floors. We then go scrape and clean all edges and corners so that all surfaces are completely clean. After all floors have been scrubbed we extract and rinse floors removing all of the stripping solution along with the dirt and grime. We then come back and do a final mopping to ensure that your floors are completely clean so when we apply your multiple layers of coating they will shine like new. After the floors are clean and dry we apply one coat of  Hard Floor Sealer. This will provide a base for the Premium Floor Coating, a technologically advanced acrylic copolymer coating designed to achieve a durable, brilliant, wet-look shine. We ultimately apply four coats of the Coating to ensure a high shine and a solid base thus leaving the floor durable to take on daily wear and tear.

We also offer other types of services to maintain your floors integrity between your annual Strip, Seal and Wax. If your floors are used in a heavy capacity, we offer cleaning that is not quite as invasive as the stripping. We remove the top layers of wax but leave the base coat and bring it back to life with new coats of wax.

And, of course, we offer a Buffing Schedule for all areas that need weekly, monthly or even quarterly attention. Our Buffing process consists of sweeping, dust mopping and damp mopping using brand name Cleaner/Enhancer. This product is a cleaner that softens the surface of the wax so that when we buff with our high-speed buffer, it will allow the wax to re-harden and give it a high gloss. Buffing will extend the length of time between stripping and will keep the floors looking shiny and clean. The buffing process hardens the wax keeping dirt and grime from being able to penetrate it and damaging your tile surfaces.

We look forward to providing you a floor maintenance schedule to ensure the life of your VCT and maintain the professional appearance we know you want to convey to your customers and your employees. Please feel free to fill out the Request For Information Form and we will gladly send someone out to assess your floor maintenance needs.

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