Outside wash & wax

Your RV paint needs to be protected, especially here in Texas. Our Outside Wash & Wax package will leave the your paint looking shiny and also protect it from damaging UV rays, dirt build up, and extend the life of your RV.

Price per RV

$10 per lenear Foot


  • Hand Wash & DryUsing the finest eco-friendly supplies - your vehicle will receive a hand wash like never before
  • Tire Conditioner AppliedOur tire dressing will condition your tires to prevent drying out, and leave your tires looking new
  • Wheel Protectant AppliedYour wheels need special attention of their own - protect the finish your wheels from brake dust and contaminants
  • Premium Carnuba WaxOur compounds and waxes will remove minor imperfections and leave your vehicle with a deep, brilliant shine