Residential Properties
Call or email us and we can provide you a FREE QUOTE.  Or if you like, you can estimate yourself what the approximate cost is for us to install your Christmas lights.  Our charge is based on the lineal footage (Linear/Lineal are the same as regular feet.) No conversion is necessary.

We can Install Traditional or LED Lights.

We recommend you use LED lights. The new LED Christmas lights are amazing, however they are a lot more expensive.

  • Lasts far longer
  • Uses 80% to 90% less electricity
  • Brighter

These are some great reasons to go LED. That is definitely the future of Christmas lighting

No Lights - No Worries

JF Services can provide Christmas lights and everything else you need should you not have lights. We will charge you accordingly. 

Service Charge:
Free Service on all Lighting throughout the Christmas Season on all lights purchased through JF Services.

Payment Methods
Cash, Checks or Credit.


Commercial Properties

We will come out to your place of business and provide you a written Free No-Obligation Quote.

Leasing and Property Managers
JF Services will decorate your properties landscape beds, light poles, store fronts, Palm Trees, and Christmas trees.  Every commercial property is unique, so we will provide you a written quote based on your lighting needs. 

Service Charge:
When you notice a bulb out, feel free to call us.  We will return to your home or business and replace any bulbs. 

We highly suggest you purchase $275 kit with timer (A one time fee and yours to keep).  A Certified Electrician will tie into your breaker box and add 2-20 amp breakers so that your lights will have their own independent circuit. The Timer, Plugs and Breakers are permanently mounted.  Lights will come on/off automatically.   

 Costs to Hang Christmas Lights

(Price includes Installation and Removal)

  • Landscape Lighting - $1.00 per foot
  • 1st Level Roof Lighting/Roof Peaks - $2.75 per foot 
  • 2nd Level Roof Lighting/Roof Peaks- $4 per foot
  • 3rd Level Roof Lighting/Roof Peaks- $2.75 per foot
  • Tree's (Ground to Branches)-$1 per foot
  • Palm Trees No Frowns - $75 per Tree
  • Ligustrums $150-$200 per tree
  • Oak Trees requiring a mechanically operated lift can vary in price depending on the height, the size of the canopy, and the amount of lights you want, therefore oak trees are priced on a per job basis.

If you buy LED Lights from JF Services and we Install. (Lights are yours to keep.)

$2.50 PER FOOT plus Labor to Install and remove.  Use prices above.